Let’s Get Funky!!


Funky Buddha


After a long day of travel with a screaming infant and a mother who said at least a thousand times…take a drink, it will make you feel better, sitting behind us on the aircraft, we made it to Fort Lauderdale…The first thing that I noticed when I got off of the plane was that there was heat and humidity. When we left home in Ohio it was in the 50s and cloudy…sunshine, heat and humidity had been a foreign concept to me this spring, it had been cloudy rainy and damp so a bit of sunshine and heat sounded good to me…after all; we were leaving the next morning on a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean so I better like heat and humidity.

After we got checked into the hotel; the Hyatt House Fort Lauderdale Airport, https://fortlauderdaleairportsouth.house.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.html we started scoping out the local brewery situation and the locations in reference to our hotel.  I really, really, really wanted to go to Funky Buddha Brewing.  I have heard so much about their craft beers in my years of imbibing.  My fingers were crossed that it was within walking distance or at least a cab ride that wouldn’t break the bank…no such luck.  🙁  Funky Buddha was approximately 15 miles from where we were staying.  That’s a bit of a disappointment but nothing that’s insurmountable…time to check out the taxi or shuttle situation down at the front desk.  The first thing that the young lady told us at the front desk was that we didn’t want to use the cab unless we wanted to pay thirty or forty dollars each way.  That didn’t sound so great…she asked if we had ever used Uber or Lyft…I told her that we had used Uber on one of our trips to Cincinnati and had no problem with the service.  She recommended that I download the Lyft app and handed us a card that gave us our first ride free.  That certainly sounded like a good deal to me…I downloaded the app and connected to it.  A driver was in the area and arrived within two minutes.  We got into the vehicle and got on our way.


We arrived at Funky Buddha and the first thing we saw was the bright red letters above the door, and the fermentation tank next to the building with the Funky Buddha logo on it…and the crowd!!!  This looked like the place to be on a Saturday night in Fort Lauderdale…the place was packed.  As we ventured inside through the crowd, the first thing that we noticed was that the building was huge…we also figured out that there was no hostess seating…you literally walk into the building and find an empty seat…if there are no empty seats in the front of the brewery you can walk past the kitchen to the rear of the building where the “game room” is located…by game room, I mean a room where you can find old school pinball machines, giant Jenga and two corn hole courts…another big room…there are also picnic tables scattered throughout the back room.  Never fear, there’s also a bar with the most popular beers that Funky Buddha has on tap.

Funky Buddha Entrance




We chose to sit in the game room since there was less of  a crowd, still a crowd but not so much of  a crowd that we wouldn’t be able to talk to each other.

We ordered our food, the 1201 burger for me and “fish tacos”, a daily special for Julie.  We ordered bleu chips for an appetizer.  The food was very good, more than enough for 4 people but as you may recall, we spent the day traveling so I was capable of eating it all.  The food ordering process is a bit different.  You walk up to the kitchen counter, place your order with the kitchen staff receive your pager and have a seat.  When the pager goes off, you go to a side window and pick up your food.

Beer flights on a Buddha board

A waitress approached and asked what we would like to drink…me being the beer person that I am, I told her that I wanted the most bang for my buck so we chose to order a couple of flights of beer.  I asked her to pick an assortment of 8 different beers that she thought were the best that they have.  Our waitress brought the flights.  The beer flights consisted of:

  • Banana Pina Colada-This beer is awesome.  It has banana, coconut, pineapple and vanilla with a bit of toffee flavor in it.  I would love to drink this on my patio back in Ohio but alas, Funky Buddha doesn’t distribute to Ohio.
  • Fire in the Hole-Pull the pin, count to four, and get ready to feel an explosion of sweet raspberry and spicy habanero flavor. No need to worry about collateral damage or capsaicin shrapnel since this red ale has just enough malt body to strike a balance between fruity, sweet, and spicy. Making it the jam to your jelly, baby.
  • Floridian-Floridian is a hefeweizen, as the waitress told us, this is a beer that is available year around but it is one of the most widely ordered that they have.  Authentic hefeweizen yeast creates the compelling aromas of bananas, citrus, and cloves, while the all wheat and malt body perfectly captures the brilliance of a golden Florida sunset.
  • More Moro-Now we are talking!!!  A blood orange IPA!!!  I love IPA’s!!!  More Moro is an American IPA that Funky Buddha ceremoniously slaughtered heaps of crimson-fleshed “Moro” fruit to retrieve its delicious ichor, and then blended it with caramel malts and grapefruity hops.
  • Muy Bonita-This double brown ale flaunts a bodacious body and a stunning combination of real cinnamon, vanilla, and apples. So thick, she’s like a hip hop song.
  • Roho-Lupe-You-Low!-We lucked out on this one!!  They have only brewed this beer one time…it is a tasty IPA with a ton of hops.  ABV on this beer is a strong 7.5%.  Hopheads will love it…those that like a mild beer probably won’t.
  • Neapolitan Porter-Like the classic ice cream, this rich milk porter incorporates vanilla, strawberries, and chocolate in a decadent brew.  Seriously, close your eyes and take a swallow and you will swear that you are drinking melted Neapolitan ice cream.
  • Zingerbeer-This beer is the standard pale ale from Funky Buddha brewed with sixty pounds of real ginger creating a refreshing, tropical ale with a balanced bitter and spicy finish.
Julie and I getting Funky at Funky Buddha Brewing

We both ordered pints after that, a Hop Gun for both of us…this is one of Funky Buddha’s year round beers.  Hop Gun delivers a huge taste of hops to your palate with grapefruit and pineapple as well as caramel malt to smooth out the finish.

We enjoyed all of these brews as well as the food that we had ordered.  The atmosphere of the place is like a big lawn party in the back and a bar party in the front…lots of noise, lots of seating and lots of fun.

These are posters of all of the labels of beers that they have made.

A few beers later we decided that we should head back to the hotel…it was going to be an early day tomorrow getting up and getting ready to go to the cruise ship…we accessed Lyft and had a driver arrive within 5 minutes…oh, and total cost of the trip including tip…$12.00.

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