Here piggy piggy piggy!! Wooly piggy that is!!

Fuggles, one of the many Wooly pigs
wooly piglets…not so wooly yet


It’s winter in Ohio…what does that mean…50 degrees and rain today (Saturday) with snow predicted for Monday…As the saying goes, If you don’t like the weather in Ohio, just wait a few minutes it’ll change.

The plan for the day? A trip to Wooly Pig Farm Brewery near Fresno, Ohio.

View from the road to the brewery.


Wooly Pig Farm Brewery sits in the hills of Coshocton County. The brewery is located in a beautiful location.  I mean seriously, it’s very pretty now and it’s the dead of winter…that means nothing but dead grass and trees with no leaves.  I can’t wait to see what the place looks like once the weather breaks.  The brewery has only been open about six weeks.  As we drove up the gravel road we saw the brew-house and taproom on our left.  It’s a quaint little location from the outside with quite a bit of parking.  I am sure that the large parking area will be necessary once the weather breaks and the tourism season kicks in here in Ohio.  Everyone knows that when you are touring Amish country, you need beer…and wine…but we are just enjoying beer today.

The story behind Wooly Pig is pretty cool.  Kevin Ely is a former brewer at Uinta brewing in Salt Lake City, UT…their loss is our gain.  I found Kevin to be very personable and willing to talk about the brewery and what has gone into getting this endeavor off of the ground.

Chatting about the brewery with the Brewmaster, Kevin Ely

His wife Jael, grew up less than a mile from the site of Wooly Pig Farm Brewery.  She and her family have a been a part of the brewery since day one.  Jael is the mother to Astrid and Soren who we met on our trip.  Astrid was very informative regarding the wooly pigs…especially Fuggles…apparently, he doesn’t like to be petted as we were warned not to put our hands in his enclosure.  She also introduced us to a bunch of young piglets that are not wooly…yet…this brewery is a true family affair.  Jael Malenke, a biologist-turned-businesswoman and mother of Astrid and Soren.
Aaron Malenke, a farmer and fix-it-man, and his wife Lauren Malenke, a large animal veterinarian.
Todd Malenke, a blacksmith artist and carpenter, and Patti Malenke, museum curator and grandma extraordinaire.
Nate Malenke, a blacksmith knife-maker, and his wife Lucy Bryan Malenke, a writer and college professor.
It takes a great team to make great beer, and this team is united by love for each other, dedication to the land, and a shared quest for the next great brew.  They are definitely working towards the next great brew.

A tasting flight of 4 beers offered at Wooly Pig Farm Brewery

I ordered a flight of four tasters…Schwarzbier, IPL Eins, Fruited Gose and their Baltic Porter.  All of the beers were very good.

The Schwarzbier had hints of coffee and chocolate as well as an underlying smoke flavor.  I rated this a 4 on untappd.  The IPL Eins was very good, I tend to like IPA’s so I figured their India Pale Lager would be right up my alley.  The flavors of the Galaxy, Citra and Azacca hops were subtle and tasty in this lager.  This will be a great beer to drink on the patio this summer.  It seems very tropical to me.  I also gave this a 4 on untappd.  The Fruited Gose is a typical sour beer.  I like sour beers but they are not at the top of my list as far as drinking them on a regular basis.  I only gave this a 3.75 but that is biased as it isn’t my favorite style of beer…the last beer that I tried was the Baltic Porter, another good beer.

Taproom at Wooly Pig Farm Brewery

I am sure that there are many more trips to Wooly Pig Farm Brewery in my future.  They make solid good beer and it’s a fun place to go and visit.  Once the weather breaks here in Ohio and things dry out a bit, it will be a great to pay Kevin and Jael a visit and try more of their beers.  If you have a bit of time to kill and want to go for a “ride in the country”, I strongly suggest a trip to Wooly Pig Farm Brewery.  You will not be disappointed.


Two wooly pigs
The brewhouse at Wooly Pig Farm Brewery