Day 3-I should’ve made a left turn at Albquerque

Today was a day to sleep in…we were up by 0700 (which is sleeping in for me)…the fortunate news this morning is that there were no earthquakes…and the hostage situation has been resolved so it is safe to be outside.
We decided to have our breakfast at the “best” breakfast spot on Route 66.

Kix on 66 is your typical diner on Route 66.  Julie decided to try the Springfield Mexican Scramble; which is Chorizo, scrambled eggs and cheese, served with hash browns and a flour tortilla.  I had the Vega Green Chile omelet which is an omelet with chopped green chili and house made sausage, topped with green sauce and melted cheddar cheese.  The food is fantastic but very inexpensive.  The atmosphere of the diner is kitschy just like you would expect on Route 66.  There is also a gift shop that has all of your Route 66 souvenirs that you may need.  We passed on the souvenirs as we figured we would be coming across many more gift shops on this trip.

We strolled back across Main Street/Route 66, and checked out of the Roadrunner Lodge.   Loaded up the car and headed west.  Of course, that meant driving the length of Main Street in Tucumcari.  This allowed us to see all of the art deco style hotels and signage in the town as well as a couple of famous landmarks and sculptures.  Our first stop, Santa Fe, on the oldest alignment of Route 66, dating back to 1926.  This was a 175 mile detour off of I40 to get up to Santa Fe.  It was beautiful countryside with lots of mountains and very little traffic.

An old Café along Route 66







Another motel along Route 66


We arrived in Santa Fe around lunchtime.  Little did we know…it was a weekend that the “square” was closed and there was a festival going on.  The festival was packed…and by packed, I mean you can’t move packed.  We parked in one of the public parking lots and started meandering the streets of Santa Fe.  By streets, I mean roadways as narrow as an alley in most towns.

The Square in Santa Fe, NM on old Route 66


The first order of business was to find someplace to get a cold drink…in other words…a cold beer.  🙂  We strolled through the streets looking for a “place” that looked like it might have good food and cold beer.  After a trek through town we happened upon Atrisco Café and Bar.  This seemed like the place to be, the place was packed….we were seated at the back of the bar overlooking a balcony over the street.  It was nice to sit in the open air after all of the time in the car.  We ordered a couple of beers; a La Cumbre Elevated IPA for me and a Santa Fe Pale Ale for Julie.  The La Cumbre Elevated IPA really brought it.  Talk about hops…this beer has it.  I love hops, always have and hopefully always will.  This was a mix of flavors, grapefruit, resiny, grassy…in other words delicious.  The Santa Fe Pale Ale was also very good.  Julie isn’t a hophead like I am but I am slowly converting her.  It’s a process.  When I started dating her about 19 years ago, she thought that Amstel light was good beer.  Thank God she got over that pretty quickly or this relationship would’ve never made it.  I can put up with a lot of things, but “liking” bad beer isn’t one of those things.

Lunch consisted of chicken enchiladas for me and pork burrito for Julie.  The food was delicious and fairly priced.  Portions were not too large.  We enjoyed lunch and the sights and sounds around us then moved on.

We strolled through all of the booths at the market looking at the local wares that were being sold including a huge; I mean HUGE pink flamingo made from scrap metal.  This thing was about 7 feet tall and painted bright pink.  If money was not problem, I would’ve purchased this thing on the spot and had it delivered to my Dad.  He hates pink flamingos!!!  I have enjoyed many years of messing with him in regards to his aversion of pink flamingos.  One time I purchased several pink flamingo lawn sprinklers that had flapping wings when the water was turned on…stuck them in the yard and turned the sprinkler on so that they would see them when they turned the corner after an 8 hour drive home from Chicago.  Another time, I purchases as much pink flamingo “stuff” as I could find and placed it all over the house.  This turned into a competition between me and my parents…every year for many years I received a pink flamingo Christmas ornament.  That has faded for now but someday I hope to revive it with something like the giant flamingo that I saw in Santa Fe.

Julie was partial to the buffalo, not the Flamingo

A couple of hours later we decided to move on to Flagstaff where we would be spending the next couple of days…on the way to Flagstaff we were going by a couple of places that I really wanted to stop at but with the daylight waning, I felt that it was best to backtrack and go to these places the following day…the trip to Flagstaff was fairly uneventful…other than driving into the blinding sunset on the freeway headed directly west…now that was a fun time…I honestly thought that my retinas were fried by the time we got to the hotel in Flagstaff…another motel that we didn’t have a reservation for…an old 1960’s Howard Johnson…for about $69 per night…and the best part…there was a restaurant attached to the motel that ranks in the top 10 restaurants in Flagstaff on Trip Advisor.  Time for dinner and then turn in for another night…

San Miguel Church, oldest church in the United States
San Miguel Church
The oldest home in the US
a former resident of the oldest home in the US.
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